The Beauty and the Beast

Downloadable Bookmark

DESIGN: The Rose
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Get creative and make your own enchanting 3D bookmark with our free downloadable craft activity.

Based on our lavishly illustrated MinaLima Classics edition of ‘The Beauty and The Beast’, this bookmark features Beauty’s iconic rose, a quote from the treasured tale and a decorative scroll to write your own personalised message.

Download the activity sheet above for your bookmark and a step-by-step guide. Designed for book-lovers aged 6 and up (parental supervision recommended).
• A4 Cardstock
• Full-colour Printer
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Glue
• Scoring Tool (the blade of your scissors, a bone scorer, or any sharp edge)
• Calligraphy Pen, Fountain Pen, or Flat-tip Marker
• Hole Punch (optional)
• Ribbon, thin to medium in width (optional)
1. Print off both pages in full-colour on A4 cardstock.

2. Line up your ruler down the fold line of the bookmark. Score the paper by carefully and lightly running the edge of your scoring tool against the ruler to leave a light imprint. This will make it easier to fold later.

3. Repeat the scoring process along the three fold lines on the rose.

4. Roughly cut around the bookmark and the rose to remove them from the worksheet. No need to cut neatly along the lines - we will do that in the next steps!

5. Cut out the rose just inside the blue cut line so that the line is not visible.

6. Fold the rose along the three fold lines that you have already scored.

7. Using glue, stick the two halves of the rose tab together so the illustration becomes whole. Set to one side.

8. Fold the bookmark along its centre line and then cut the bookmark slightly within the blue cut line as with the rose. Folding and cutting through both sides at once will help achieve the precise bookmark shape.

9. Take your rose and position the tab inside the centre of the folded bookmark so that the flower head is fixed overhanging at the top and can bloom over your book pages. Align the largest petal with the rose’s stem.

10. Applying glue, stick the back of the bookmark to the front with the rose piece inside to fix it together.

11. Using your best calligraphy skills, adorn the scroll on the back with your name or personal message.

12. If desired, punch a hole either side of the green stem so a ribbon can be threaded through and tied in a bow.

13. Find your favourite book and place your new bookmark inside!