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Discover more about what makes our MinaLima edition books extra special, from the creative process that goes into each and every page, to our exclusive book offering only available from minalima.com & House of MinaLima London.


Ever since we published our first book in 2011, we’ve been reimagining stories of adventure, fairy tales and magic. In a MinaLima edition, pages teem with rich illustrations, interactive paper-engineered elements and intricate details. Our books are more than just words on a page, they’re worlds brought to life with our unique brand of MinaLima magic.


Our richly illustrated editions always start their journey with the story. We arrange the text across the empty pages before roughly sketching out key illustration moments for pivotal scenes and anywhere we can add extra storytelling. We then decide on a custom colour palette for the book and begin to add the vibrancy, texture and playful details that are typical of our unique illustration style.


When searching for key illustration moments, we always look for opportunities to add interactive paper-engineered elements into our editions to bring even more storytelling. Once we’ve chosen our moments, we experiment with paper mock-ups to map out the engineering. We then illustrate each intricate part of the design and choose our special finishes, before working closely with our printers to create the final 3D pieces. Not only bringing the story to life, our paper-engineered elements let us surprise and delight our readers in exciting and unexpected ways.


One of the most recognisable things about a MinaLima edition is the sheer number of details we squeeze into every page. From our chapter opener pages peppered with hints for the upcoming story, to our larger illustrations that reveal even more than first meets the eye, you may only notice some of our details on your third reading! Sometimes we even sneak in a reference to our founders, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima – see if you can spot them in our Harry Potter MinaLima Editions!


Whether it’s selecting the fonts and arranging the text, or picking cover materials and designing endpapers, each and every page of our books is bursting with MinaLima magic. We strive to transport you, the reader, into the world of the story through the entire design of the book. That means considering every single page, from cover to cover, to craft a book that will be treasured by young and old for generations to come.

Did you know, all our books are designed in Soho, London, in the studio above our gallery and shop. See if you can spot any of our team on your next visit!


•  •  •  •  •  NEW & EXCLUSIVE  •  •  •  •  •

The MinaLima Library has grown beyond our wildest dreams since we published our first book in 2011 – and it is all due to our readers who continue to love all our MinaLima editions.

Our way of thanking you is with a brand new and exclusive book offering. With every book purchased from minalima.com and House of MinaLima London you’ll receive our new MinaLima bookplates and free book print.

•  •  •  MINALIMA BOOKPLATES  •  •  •

With a decorative gold foil design and an Ex Libris section for your name, our bookplates come pre-attached to the front endpaper of all our MinaLima editions. As standard with every single book, you’ll now receive our illustrated bookplate, or as an extra, you can add your own custom message with our personalised bookplate.


A celebration of our MinaLima library and studio, our illustrated bookplate features two owls inspired by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima. See if you can spot who’s who of the feathered friends!


Write your name, a special message or even a favourite quote on your personalised bookplate. Printed with our own font that was designed and created using Miraphora Mina’s handwriting, you can add a personal MinaLima touch to your book. 

Exclusively available at minalima.com.

•  •  •  •  •  •  BOOK PRINTS  •  •  •  •  • 

For the first time, you can own a piece of the creativity from the the early stages of our design process with each book print featuring a working sketch from the making of our MinaLima editions. Every book title has its own working sketch, offering you insight into the start of the journey of an illustration found inside the book. Take a look at some of our designs below or click through to see the full range!





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