DESIGN: The Burrow Detail from The Weasley Family Clock
FINISH: Gold foil detailing
Share the warmth of The Burrow with our foiled single postcard. Taken from the Weasley Family Clock, this design is based on the authentic graphic prop originally created by MinaLima for the film 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'.
Behind the design
Found in the Weasley's cosy living room, their fascinating magical clock monitors the precise whereabouts of each member of the family, ranging from 'home' and 'quidditch', to 'lost' and 'mortal peril'. Our design features The Burrow detail from the unique clock, showing the ramshackle and patchworked nature of the house built by Arthur Weasley from architectural salvage as his family grew and grew. Hand-drawn by Miraphora, this depiction of the Weasley's crooked, homely house was illustrated to mirror the exterior set design created for the screen.
The details
Product: Double-sided 380gsm single postcard
Size: 120 x 165mm
Finish: Gold foil detailing
Produced: UK
Weight: 8g