DESIGN: Cauldron Detail from 'Advanced Potion Making - Edition II'
FINISH: Gold foil detailing
Delve into the art of potion making with our foiled single postcard. Taken from the cover of 'Advanced Potions Making - Edition II', this design is based on the authentic graphic prop originally created by MinaLima for the film 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'.
Behind the design
Property of the Half-Blood Prince, 'Advanced Potion Making - Edition II' was used by Harry to excel in Professor Slughorn's N.E.W.T. level Potions class, thanks to the copious amendments and suggestions of the previous owner. Our design features the intricate detail from the cover of Harry's borrowed edition with its decorative cloud of mystical runes rising out of the smoking cauldron. Referencing the notes designed for the pages of the textbook, MinaLima crafted the swirl of ancient symbols to mirror the recipe alterations haphazardly scrawled by the young Snape.
The details
Product: Double-sided 380gsm single postcard
Size: 120 x 165mm
Finish: Gold foil detailing
Produced: UK
Weight: 8g