MinaLima's Christmas Decoration Tips

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Every year we’ve added handmade decorations to our gallery. From glittering baubles to branches covered in bright ribbons and beads, they’re always lots of fun to make with friends and family:

Flying Baubles and Branches

We’ve suspended our branches and baubles (all handmade) from the ceiling using wires or invisible string. Like the floating candles of Hogwarts’ Great Hall, these levitating ornaments help conjure up some Christmas magic…


The fireplace is the centrepiece of the MinaLima Library with piles of Hogwarts acceptance letters flooding down the chimney and onto the floor. At Christmas we add cheerful stockings to the mantlepiece, hand-ribboned, ready to be filled with goodies.

Use ribbon to customise stockings with your initials. Can you guess which characters the letters on our stockings refer to..?


Beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree become part of your decor, so make sure your wrapping skills are up to scratch: whether than means well-chosen gift wrap, glossy ribbons, or a thoughtful note on the gift tag.

Magical Ornaments

It wouldn’t be a MinaLima Christmas without a few magical elements added to the gallery: owls, robins, sequins, and stars. We’ve even adorned pinecones with gold foil to complement the foiling on our Premium Prints.

Stop by House of MinaLima for a little inspiration and try a few of these tips to transform your own home!

Thanks to @i0x0i_0x0 for the miniature!

MinaLima - MinaLima's Christmas Decoration Tips
MinaLima - MinaLima's Christmas Decoration Tips
MinaLima - MinaLima's Christmas Decoration Tips
MinaLima - MinaLima's Christmas Decoration Tips
MinaLima - MinaLima's Christmas Decoration Tips
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MinaLima - MinaLima's Christmas Decoration Tips

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