Happy Birthday Fred and George!

17 April 2019
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The Graphic Artwork of the Weasley Twins

Inventive, mischievous and brave: we are huge fans of Fred and George at MinaLima. From the Marauder’s Map that they gifted Harry, to the marvellous range of products at their joke shop Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, we designed hundreds of props associated with the twins. We’re celebrating the cheeky duo’s birthday with a few of the Harry Potter designs they inspired over the years!

One of The Burrow’s cleverest contraptions, this clock tracked the whereabouts of each Weasley family member. Have you ever noticed that Fred and George are on the same hand? As dedicated Gryffindor beaters, it’s not surprising that it points to Quidditch!

One of the first Weasley products, Fred and George’s sweets are a sneaky way to avoid school classes, bringing on a mild illness to enable your escape… This bold advertisement was created for their joke shop in The Half Blood Prince, but carries memories dating back to Order of the Phoenix. We can’t resist Fred and George’s beaming faces!

Whilst the twins’ sensational shop was a challenge to create, it was one of our favourite projects from the Harry Potter film series. Designing from the perspective of Fred and George, the creations were a clashing combination of different colours, fonts and images, inspired by 1960s Pop Art and vintage firework packaging

MinaLima’s Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Compilation prints were launched in January: vibrant mixtures of artwork devised for Fred and George’s Products and Packaging. Spend hours spotting the medley of items encompassed in these dazzling designs!

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MinaLima - Happy Birthday Fred and George!
MinaLima - Happy Birthday Fred and George!
MinaLima - Happy Birthday Fred and George!
MinaLima - Happy Birthday Fred and George!
MinaLima - Happy Birthday Fred and George!
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MinaLima - Happy Birthday Fred and George!

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