MinaLima Recommends: Christmas Gifts

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Get your gift wrap and spellotape ready: here are the presents that House of MinaLima staff would pick out from our Wizarding World collection.

House of MinaLima is open every day other than the 25th of December, see full holiday opening times here!

Zak Recommends

our Marauder’s Map Tea Towel

“I love the detailed design of the Marauder’s Map. This is a gift that will get lots of use after our Christmas Day meal!”

Athamos Recommends

our Handwritten Replica Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

“This might be the ultimate Harry Potter present – the letter is handwritten by Mira, who created the original prop for the movie. You can’t find a more authentic gift than that!”

Tod recommends

our Advanced Potion Making and Tales of Beedle the Bard Journals

“I know lots of people who would be very happy to find these under the tree this year. I’ll be wrapping them up in the new Hogwarts Library Gift Wrap!”

Bethaney Recommends…

our signed Fantastic Beasts Screenplays

“I’ve just found out that filming for the next Fantastic Beasts film is set to start soon, so it’s the perfect moment for a reminder of what has happened so far in the series. I love picking apart the details on the beautiful screenplay cover too!”

Katya Recommends…

our Daily Prophet Tote

This iconic Daily Prophet cover was created for The Deathly Hallows. The tote is a great present for a Harry Potter fan who wants to carry everything around in style.

Xavi Recommends…

our Wand Permit Kit

“These Wand Permits are a unique stocking filler. You can personalise them with information about your wand’s core and frequently cast spells. They’re also prop replicas from the set of MACUSA in Fantastic Beasts, so it feels like you’ve got your hands on a little piece of the film.”

Coco Recommends

our Wizarding Gift Wrap

“The Wizarding World Gift Wraps are so eye-catching under the trees at House of MinaLima. Add a bit of contrasting ribbon and you’re guaranteed to have to prettiest presents!”

Gilmar Recommends…

our Detail from the Magical Book Print

“This is my favourite print: a hidden detail in The Crimes of Grindelwald from the cover Nicolas Flamel’s Magical Book. I love the delicate foiling on the phoenix illustration. Doesn’t it look amazing in a gold frame?”

Prints, postcards or posters? We wonder what has made it onto your wish list…

MinaLima - MinaLima Recommends: Christmas Gifts
MinaLima - MinaLima Recommends: Christmas Gifts
MinaLima - MinaLima Recommends: Christmas Gifts
MinaLima - MinaLima Recommends: Christmas Gifts
MinaLima - MinaLima Recommends: Christmas Gifts
MinaLima - MinaLima Recommends: Christmas Gifts

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Dolman T-Shirt Size Chart
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