Creating a Wizarding World Print Collection

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Have you already invested in your first MinaLima print? Are you considering expanding your collection?  Maybe our limited edition art has been on your gift wishlist for quite some time…

A carefully chosen collection is a wonderful way to showcase your personal connection to the films – whether it’s through a wall, a room, or an entire house of Wizarding World graphic artwork!

Hogwarts Library: Required Reading

Over the last 20 years, we have designed hundreds of graphic props for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. Whilst we have released just some of our favourites as prints, there’s still a dazzling variety of artwork to explore. So here are our suggestions to help you curate your very own tailored series of prints!


First step: establish if you would like to theme your collection. Would you like your prints to be united by a colour scheme, by a favourite character or a special style?

A good way of deciding is to consider which prints catch your eye. Are you drawn to muted colours and elegant, intricate designs? If so, we’d recommend Albus Dumbledore’s Memories, Pages from Tales of Beedle the Bard, or the Magical Alphabet.

By contrast, an assortment of props designed for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes will add buckets of vibrant colour and energy to any room!

Or do they relate to your interests? There’s an extensive selection of beautiful book covers for a bookworm or Quidditch posters, tickets, and guides for a sports-mad Potter fan!

Trying to decide between a few favourites? Our advice is to go with your instinct. Which prints will you want to admire again and again? A collection is to be built slowly so you can always add more to your series over time.


Spend some time on to create a shortlist of your favourites. Better still, pay a visit to House of MinaLima for some inspiration, see the prints in person, and discover the stories behind them. Our staff are always happy to chat about your favourite designs and find pieces that will complement each other!


Taking time to think about display options will help you get the most from your print. If you plan to create a ‘Gallery Wall’ think about the overall impact: can the prints be laid out in a symmetrical way? Mixtures of portrait and landscape prints might take a bit more time to arrange but add plenty of character to a space. Think about the atmosphere that you would like to create in the room – which approach will work best?

We’d love to see which prints you’ve chosen and how you’ve displayed them – tag us on Instagram using @minalimadesign so we can admire your unique collection!

MinaLima - Creating a Wizarding World Print Collection
MinaLima - Creating a Wizarding World Print Collection
MinaLima - Creating a Wizarding World Print Collection
MinaLima - Creating a Wizarding World Print Collection
MinaLima - Creating a Wizarding World Print Collection
MinaLima - Creating a Wizarding World Print Collection

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